Timekeeping Detail

Outsourcing Benefit:

  • Access to an up-to-date and automated timekeeping system that easily integrates with many payroll systems and software packages
  • No hardware or software to purchase, install and update – all timekeeping handled online
  • Reduce or eliminate manual computation (and the associated errors) of paper time cards or timesheets
  • Reduce costs caused by employee overpayments and unauthorized absences; better identification of unauthorized overtime for review
  • Ability to handle complex tracking, reporting and analysis of hours and payroll information
  • Employee and manager self-service:
    • Employees can manage their own information such as completing and submitting timesheets and requesting time off
    • With a built-in, secure messaging system, managers can approve or deny routine employee requests – such as vacation time – from the office, home, or on the road

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization with more than 15-20 employees
  • Organizations with complex timekeeping needs, such as a variety of hourly, salaried, union-restricted, or part-time/flex-time employees
  • Organizations seeking to reduce administrative overhead


To remain competitive in any environment, companies must find new ways to drive revenues and profitability. One of the most significant expenses to a company is labor; however, it is also one that is most easily controlled. AGH Employer Solutions' payroll specialists can work with employers to identify, evaluate and implement an appropriate timekeeping system that can help control those costs.

Our consultants can help an employer choose among a variety of options, including: web-based, phone, card-swipe and punch-clock methods at single or multiple locations. The data generated from these systems integrates with our payroll system.