Payroll Detail

Outsourcing Benefit:

  • Eliminate payroll administrative burden to focus employees on core business activities
  • Access to most current payroll software and technology without purchasing new hardware, software or staff training
  • Access to expertise in current IRS, Department of Labor, ERISA and other applicable regulatory changes
  • Flexibility for increased or decreased payroll size
  • Fully integrated with sophisticated HR information system
  • Ability to integrate with retirement plan, flexible-spending/cafeteria plan contributions and reimbursements; even expense-account reimbursements
  • Handles all federal, state and local income tax reports, W-2 and W-3 statements and tax compliance, sophisticated labor allocations, wage requirements, direct deposits, pay cards, benefit accruals, tip reporting, bonuses, multiple locations and general ledger interfaces
  • Increased confidentiality of payroll information
  • Confidentiality of data managed by customized levels of access based on employees' role requirements (for example, different levels of access for employees, managers, payroll staff, executives)
  • Employee and manager self-service
    • Employees have access to their own data, such as paycheck stubs and W-2s
    • Managers have access to earnings, deductions, tax and pay rate information for their employees

Who's most likely to benefit:

  • Any organization with more than 15 employees or desiring increased confidentiality
  • Organizations with specialized payroll needs and limited or no internal payroll expertise available
  • Organizations with various earnings types and multiple payroll-related deductions, such as insurance premiums, retirement plans and flexible-spending/cafeteria plans
  • Highly regulated industries
  • Organizations seeking to reduce administrative overhead and payroll staff headcount
  • Organizations with multiple locations, remote-site employees and/or employees spread across broad geographical areas


AGH Employer Solutions' payroll specialists provide small to very large organizations with a dedicated team focused solely on delivering cost-effective and customer-oriented payroll solutions. The employer provides pay rates and employee hours to be paid during each period (either from an AGH Employer Solutions-provided and supported timekeeping system or an existing one), and AGH Employer Solutions handles the rest. From calculating total pay due (including sick leave, vacation or overtime), to deducting retirement plan contributions, health insurance premiums or other benefit deductions, to adding reimbursement for expense accounts or flexible-spending plan payments, AGH Employer Solutions' payroll system software handles complex payrolls quickly and accurately, keeping information archived for future reference.

Employers have tremendous flexibility in timekeeping systems, pay periods, type of payments (electronic or paper), type of deductions and reimbursements, and increases or decreases in payroll size.

While AGH Employer Solutions processes the payroll, employers have access to all payroll data online at any time or on paper if desired. More than 600 standard reports can be generated from the system, and users also have the ability to quickly create (or request AGH Employer Solutions to create) customized reports as needed. Reports are exportable in multiple formats, including Excel, PDF, ASCII text and HTML, to support a variety of requirements.