Payroll and timekeeping

Payroll & Timekeeping

Outsourcing payroll and timekeeping services can provide the convenience and cost-effectiveness of current industry knowledge, software and expertise – without requiring additional staff, space, or equipment. AGH Employer Solutions' flexible outsourcing staff will add more knowledge and resources to help you reach your organization's goals without the expensive and time-consuming process of recruiting, hiring and training more staff.


One of the quickest ways to upset employees is any problem with their paychecks. Yet, only employers know how complicated the calculation of even one pay period can be. No longer simple clerical work, payroll administration requires an awareness of the laws, ERISA and labor regulations, comparison with any deductions and reimbursements made, coordination with financial institutions, and integration with a variety of timekeeping systems.

To help reduce the burden of those complexities, AGH Employer Solutions offers payroll administration services so you can focus on core business activities. From handling all federal, state and local tax reports to reconciling bank statements and pushing data to third-party retirement-plan providers, AGH Employer Solutions' payroll services are flexible and customizable to meet your organization's unique needs.

Even for organizations with multiple locations or employees and managers entirely offsite, AGH Employer Solutions' system allows managers and employees self-service access to payroll information through a fully secure workforce portal. Managers have access to data needed to speed decision making, while employees can review earnings, add deductions and view tax information. Whether they're in the office or working remotely, users have access to the information they need online, drastically reducing the amount of paperwork and providing 24/7 access to important data.

To receive a brief demo of our payroll/HRIS capabilities, email us to request any or all of these short videos:

  • Human Resources/Payroll Review
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) Preview
  • Performance Management Preview
  • Recruitment Preview

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AGH Employer Solutions offers fully integrated time management capabilities for organizations of every size that allow employers to track employees from various locations, departments and jobs. Our web-based timekeeping system allows you to handle, approve, and total each employee's time card in a matter of seconds.

AGH Employer Solutions' outsourced timekeeping services allow an organization to save time and money through faster data transmission, improved payroll accuracy (by reducing repetitive data entry and the ensuing error potential) and by eliminating the need to manually collect and calculate time-card data.

Through the secure workforce portal, managers can review and approve time-off requests that employees have submitted. Whether they're in the office or working remotely, users have access to the information they need online.

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