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A recent business survey revealed even the most honest employees are "stealing" by taking a few minutes here and there to "ensure" they get paid for extra time - or an extra 8% to 15% or more each pay period. And when you factor in overtime, it gets even higher.


It's Time You Gained Complete Control Over Your Labor Costs . . .

No matter how unique your business is, our easy-to-use Time and Attendance System helps you gain complete control over accruals, sick and vacation time, holiday rules, overtime scheduling and so much more. We can take basic labor data and transform it into information that can improve your employees' productivity and help you better utilize labor resources.


Reduce Your Payroll Costs By 8% to 15% Or More.


Once you implement our Time And Attendance System, you will see immediate benefits each pay period. In fact, experts all agree that a typical business can save 8% to 15% on their labor costs. The benefits you will see are:   

  • Reduced employee time spent manually completing timecards
  • Reduced time for supervisor approvals
  • Eliminated manual data entry by clerical workers
  • Reduced time to correct entry errors
  • Virtually eliminated incorrect payroll amounts
  • No paper timecards required
  • Reduced overtime because of visibility

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Now, more than ever before, organizations like yours understand the value of our integrated suite of business services. So take a look at what we can offer your business. You will definitely be impressed.



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