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How To Protect Yourself Against Identify Theft:


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 7% of U.S. residents age 16 or older are victims of identity theft each year. Here are some simple precautions to help prevent your identity from being stolen:


  • When traveling, carry only essential documents.
  • Don't give strangers your personal, financial details or Social Security number -- especially over the phone.
  • Make a record of your important numbers for reference.
  • Monitor your credit reports on a regular basis.
  • Select strong electronic passwords. 

Identity thieves will use many creative avenues to access your personal and financial information -- including posing as banks or government agencies asking for your SSN or bank account numbers. Keep vigilant and trust your gut. 



3 Tips For Preparing

Your Business For A Disaster


AIM logoAn unfortunate reality in the business world, if not life itself, is the threat of a disaster. There are numerous kinds of disasters a business can face, from the natural ones (like hurricanes on the East and Gulf coasts, earthquakes in California or tornadoes in the Midwest) to man-made ones (like accidental fires, computer system failures, etc.). As grim as it is to think about a disaster compromising your business, smart businesses know the importance of planning ahead.


Here are three tips to help you prepare your business for a possible disaster.


Tip #1: Plan Ahead For Multiple Scenarios - It is never enough to prepare just one plan for a disaster; disasters come in all shapes and sizes, variety and severity. Because of this, you need to have multiple contingencies plans in place. The most obvious type of disaster is a natural disaster. In addition to natural disasters, there are also man-made disasters, like an electrical spark that causes a fire; a virus of unprecedented strength that sweeps through your system obliterating your computers. The list goes on and on, so take the time to plan for the variety of disasters you might encounter -- even if you think you never will.


Tip #2: Back Up Your Valuable Records - There are two ways to back up valuable information records: (1) electronic backups and (2) physical hard copies. We recommend both. As mentioned in Tip #1, a disaster can range from a hurricane that physically wipes your business off the map to a severe infrastructure collapse that leaves you electronically crippled. Putting all your eggs in one basket, as they say, is unwise. One off-site electronic backup provider you might consider is Carbonite (a relatively inexpensive offsite resource for your computer data).


Tip #3: Train Employees To Handle Disasters - The last thing you need in the event of an emergency is a company full of employees with no clue what to do. This not only hinders surviving the disaster, but depending on the type of crisis, may even put your employees at risk. After you have developed a handful of disaster scenario plans, train your employees on how to react in such an event. You may even want to assign specific roles to employees to create a team structure that facilitates the process more smoothly.


Executive Summary: Maybe your business will be lucky enough to never experience a major disaster. Maybe it will not. There are no certainties in life, so the smart thing to do is prepare in advance. Regularly back up your valuable records and business information in both physical and electronic media. Additionally, train your employees on how to react in case of emergency. Remember, it is not just your business that is affected by the scenarios mentioned above, but your clients too.




2-Year Price Guarantee

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Now, more than ever, many business professionals like you are turning to us for expertise in accounting services, bookkeeping services, payroll taxes, business services, and of course, payroll processing. We thank you in advance for your business.


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