New Form I-9; Use by Sept. 18
Few changes, but use is mandatory
August 2017

Kansas Payroll Tax Changes Issued
Employers must update payroll tax rates.
June 2017

Watch Out for These Email Scams
New fraud schemes target businesses with phishing.
May 2017

Employers: Tax Credits for Hires
Tax credits for hiring those with employment barriers
January 2017

New Form I-9 Required January 22
USCIS revises I-9 to help prevent errors.
January 2017

Judge Puts Overtime Pay Regulations on Hold
December 1 deadline not in effect.
November 2016

Are You Ready for the December 1 FLSA Overtime Deadline?
Prepare now for FLSA overtime implementation.
October 2016

OSHA November 1 Deadline
New employer reporting, employee information requirements
October 2016

Prepare for ACA Subsidy Appeals
Affected employers have 90 days to appeal.
July 2016

IRS Reaffirms a Business' Partners Cannot Be Treated As Employees
Ruling affects benefits and taxes for partners
June 2016

DOL Finalizes Overtime Changes
Almost all employers will be affected by new rules
May 2016

Overtime Pay Eligibility Changes Imminent
Employers should evaluate applicability
May 2016

Department of Labor Increasing Employee Benefit Plan Audits
DOL urges plan sponsors to choose external audit firms carefully.
April 2016

Retirement Plan Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) Must Be Available to All Employees
Only posting online deemed unacceptable
January 2016

Timely Deposit of Employees' Retirement Plan Contributions Scrutinized
DOL more aggresively enforcing timely deposits
December 2015

ACA Reporting Deadline of January 2016 Requires Information-Gathering Now for Eligible Employers
Applicable large employers should be gathering data
August 2015

Partnership Guaranteed Payments Will Be Taxable
Should you review your partnership agreement?
July 2015

Put Measures In Place To Defend Reasonable Executive Compensation As IRS Increases Scrutiny
IRS increases scrutiny of executive compensation
February 2014


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Prioritize and Learn to Say No
Setting your agenda at work

Passing the Baton
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Obstacles for Family Businesses
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Provide Effective Feedback
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Myths About Boards of Directors
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Purpose as a Recruitment Tool
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How to Apply for WOTC Credits
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Improve Your Habits
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Why Strategic Plans Can Fail
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FLSA Overtime Rule FAQ
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Nine Questions to Ask Yourself
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Is It a Fringe Benefit?
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Employee Background Checks
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Employee Information Hacking
Seven tips to help prevent employee informatoin theft.

Writing Employee Warnings
Ten guidelines to get you started

Strategic Plan Failures
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Treating Partners as Employees
The costs outweigh the benefits

What Injuries Aren't Covered?
Workers' compensation doesn't cover all injuries.

DOL Issues Update to FMLA Poster
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Understand Your Organization's Why
The key to finding and keeping employees.

Our Phishing Prevention Toolkit
Useful resources to help your organization.

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks
Don't let your employees get hooked.

Does Your Compensation Stack Up?
Take a look at compensation and benefits trends.

Motivate Your Employees
The power of positive reinforcement

Eight Tips to Prevent Payroll Fraud
Small organizations are more likely victims.

Seven Guidelines for Drug Testing
Don't violate your employees' rights.

Struggling with Employees?
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More Effective Employee Meetings
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Active Shooter in the Workplace
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Checklist for Managing Fraud
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The CFO of the Future
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Family and Business
Dealing with family business conflict.

Cybersecurity Questions
Issues executives can't ignore

DIY or Find a Partner?
How and when to outsource

Skilled Labor Gap and How to Fix It
Improve recruitment and retention

Minimum Wage Update
Make sure you're in compliance.

2016 ACA Reporting Deadlines
What information do you report?

Most of Your ACA Questions Answered
Answers and useful links in one place

Build a Strong Board
What skills should your directors bring?

Payroll Compliance
Six tips for managing your payroll taxes.

Affordable Care Act 101
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Employer Mandates are Here
What you need to know for 2015 and beyond.

ACA Reporting Flowchart
Know what to file and when with this visual.

Retirement Plan "Sins"
Don't pay the price for these mistakes.

Determining Your ALE Status
Are you an ALE per the ACA?

Improving Employee Soft Skills
Are these six skills restricting your profitability?

2016 ACA Reporting Checklist
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Finance 101
Finance basics for business owners

Do You Have Soft Skills?
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Retirement Plan Risks
What plan sponsors need to know.

What Your Absence Policy?
Learn why you need an absence policy.

Avoid Job Burnout
Five ways employees can avoid job burnout.

Why You Need an Employee Handbook
Seven ways a handbook helps your employees.

Build Your Talent Bench
Find your next crop of leaders.

Managing Personnel Files
Their importance and why they need to be updated

HR Audit: Don't Delay
It could save you a lot of money.

Top Payroll Tax Mistakes
Make sure you avoid these seven slip-ups.

7 Steps to Take Before an Employee No Longer Works for You
There are a number of steps businesses should take to ensure their security.

7 Common Payroll Tax Mistakes to Avoid
Despite your willingness to adhere to the law, mistakes can still happen.

Health Care Tax Credit: Is Your Business Eligible?
Determine if your organization is eligible

Mini-Presentation: 5 Ways to Prevent Cash Fraud
5 ways you can stop cash fraud at your organization

Prevent Payroll Fraud and Money Theft at Your Business
How to stop fraud and money theft

2014 Tax Credits and Deductions
10 tax breaks for 2014 you may be able to use

2015 Minimum Wage & Labor Law Poster Update
To ensure you're compliant, we have listed these updates for your review.

6 Tips for Gift Deductions
Rules from the IRS you need to know

New 2015 Limits From IRS
Information direct from the IRS

6 Tips for Terminating an Employee
Heed these 6 precautions before firing someone

Understanding Employee Overtime Laws
Sort through the details and compliance issues here

10 Tips To Help Avoid Identity Theft
10 things the IRS wants you to know

Infographic: What Really Matters in Engaging Employees?
Some tips on improving employee engagement

How Much Is 'Cyber-Slacking' Costing Your Business?
How much is unwanted internet usage costing you?

8 Tips For Avoiding Payroll Tax Issues
Payroll tax can be confusing; these tips can help

2014 Mid-Year Minimum Wage Increases
We've compiled 2014 mid-year changes

Infographic: 6 Keys to Conducting a Compensation Review
This infographic captures the key points you need to know for conducting a compensation review.

6 Employee Management Tips
Six tips to get you started down the path to becoming a stronger leader.

How To Avoid A Costly I-9 Audit
Compliance is tough; here are some helpful tips

Top 10 Payroll Mistakes Most Companies Make
We have listed the top 10 payroll processing mistakes many companies make.

6 Guidelines For Dealing With A Workplace Bully
6 guidelines for identifying bullying at your office and putting a stop to it.

3 Tips For Preparing Your Business For A Disaster
As grim as it is to think about a disaster compromising your business, smart businesses know the importance of planning ahead.

Want To Upgrade Your Company's 401(k) Program?
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6 Most Common IRS Tax Filing Questions
Getting filing help from the IRS

A Simple Way To Reduce Your Labor Costs Starting Next Week
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Five Tips for Improving Work Relationships
5 tips to reduce the disconnect

Five Tips for Improving Work Performance
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Five Quick Steps for Solving Business Problems
5 steps for fixing the problems plaguing your organization

Electronic Paycards
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A Motivated Employee Equals...
Boosting it is tough but worth it

10 Tips to Make You a Better Leader
10 tips to help you hone your leadership skills

Affordable Care Act $100 Per Day Penalty
$100 per day hidden penalty could affect you

4 Tips for Strengthening Your HR Skills
4 ways to boost your HR and recruiting skill set

Using Plan Assets to Pay Expenses
Employee Benefit Forum: Current issues in retirement benefit plannin

Paperless Payroll
Employer Solutions E-tips

How To Get Free Word-Of-Mouth Advertising
The most effective marketing channel

3 Steps for Conducting a Performance Review
3 steps to get the most out of staff reviews

Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
Live Well, Work Well

Federal Courts Divided on Contraceptive Coverage Mandate
Health Care Reform Legislative Brief

Employer Mandate Delayed
Benefits Buzz

The Key to Managing Your Employees' Expectations
3 principles to help you manage staff expectations

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Health at the Office
7 tips to keep you feeling healthy at work

Tips for Networking Through Community Service
5 tips for networking

Choosing Target Date Funds
Employee Benefit Forum: Current issues in retirement benefit planning

Weighing Automatic Plan Features
Employee Benefit Forum: Current issues in retirement benefit planning

Catch-Up Contributions Defined
Employee Benefit Forum: Current issues in retirement benefit planning

Handling Breaks in Service
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Amended Your Plan Lately?
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The Employer Match is Back
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