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Outsourcing services Outsourcing services

Tap into external knowledge and experience

Delegate the routine tasks and focus on your goals

AGH's accounting specialists can handle almost any type of financial tracking, reporting, payments, recordkeeping, billing, banking, reconciliation and administration a business or individual may need. Our payroll team can provide organizations of any size cost-effective and customer-oriented payroll solutions. Outsourcing these tasks will free up internal resources for the more pressing needs of your organization.

From helping determine which employees are eligible and what requirements apply to the company to distributing notifications to employees and tracking and reporting employee information, AGH’s professionals can handle the technical details so organizational leaders can stay focused on taking care of business. Learn more about our ACA compliance service.

This service can free up internal finance and accounting staff to focus on higher level financial strategy and tactics, while still covering the day-to-day operations of the business with qualified professionals handling accounts payable, bank reconciliations, general ledger maintenance and financial reporting. Learn more about our accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing service.

Organizations requiring a higher level of accounting leadership have access to AGH's professionals through an outsourced controller arrangement. The AGH professionals available in this capacity are more highly trained, have experience in top financial/accounting positions, and can serve as a trusted advisor in situations requiring additional experience, analysis and leadership. See how our controller services can help your organization.

One of the quickest ways to upset employees is a problem with their paycheck. Yet, only employers know how complicated the calculation of even one pay period can be. No longer simple clerical work, payroll administration requires an awareness of ERISA and labor regulations, comparison with any deductions and reimbursements made, coordination with financial institutions, and integration with a variety of timekeeping systems. AGH's payroll specialists provide small to very large organizations with a dedicated team focused solely on delivering cost-effective and customer-oriented payroll solutions. See how our outsourced payroll service can help your organization.

AGH's payroll specialists can work with employers to identify, evaluate and implement an appropriate timekeeping system. Our consultants can help an employer choose from a variety of options, including web-based, phone, card-swipe and punch-clock methods at single or multiple locations. The data generated from these systems integrates with most payroll systems and can generally be implemented in a short timeframe. See what benefits our outsourced timekeeping service can provide for your organization.

Human Resources (HR) services Human Resources (HR) services

HR's value goes beyond compliance

We can help ensure compliance while adding strategic value

Once viewed primarily as a compliance necessity, human resource functions now have a key seat at the table. Compliance with DOL, ERISA, and IRS regulations remains critical, but HR encompasses much more — not just a way to help keep organizations out of trouble, but to directly affect profitability through strategies such as employee engagement, employee communication, performance management, coaching, and more.

Our Workplace™ is a web-based employee communication platform developed to help organizations provide their employees with a confidential, secure way to report any issues. To deliver Our Workplace™, AGH creates a customized website for each employer where employees can confidentially communicate anything they are not comfortable reporting through conventional channels. Each employee submission is first reviewed by AGH consultants, adding confidence in the process with an objective third party review, prior to timely routing back to the employer. Learn more about Our Workplace™.

AGH advisors are experienced in selecting and conducting assessments ranging from pre-employment cognitive testing and work-style evaluations to those that can assist in team-building or providing feedback to executives or managers. Our advisors work with you to determine what type of information is sought for what purpose, select (and conduct if desired) the assessment and review results. See how our Employee assessments service can help your organization.

Streamlining and supporting the human resource function is becoming more important as more employees begin working off-site, regulatory issues become increasingly complex, and benefits packages change. As HR professionals often struggle to balance more responsibility with fewer staff, our outsourcing team can provide a powerful tool that will help simplify and manage your key information. Learn more about our human capital management system.

Gain access to skilled HR specialists with a higher level of expertise, ongoing current training, and sophisticated testing and technology resources than you may want to pay to maintain internally. AGH's HR outsourcing team can supplement existing HR capabilities as needed or manage the function entirely. The scope of time is determined by the needs of your organization. See how our HR outsourcing service can help you.

Retirement plan services Retirement plan services

Your retirement plan can be a differentiator

Personalized service with modern technology

AGH specialists can create a retirement plan that supports your organizational goals, drawing from a broad array of benefits products. We then work with you to personalize and implement the plan successfully by educating employees about the plan, assisting them in the enrollment process and handling all employee service needs.

Our affiliate AGH Wealth Management is keenly aware of the specific ERISA 3(21) and 3(38) requirements a plan sponsor must follow, as well as the associated fiduciary responsibility. The group's familiarity with retirement plan regulations means consultants can help you and your organization identify and implement the investment mix and educational offerings that meet your needs, your regulatory requirements and your business goals. See how our asset management service can help your organization.

For business owners, a personal financial plan can help clarify decisions about succession and estate planning, merger and acquisitions and other business transitions that may be necessary to achieve financial independence or other goals. For executives, financial planning services can offer a road map for wealth building and preservation. For everyone, personal financial plans can draw a complete picture of your current financial situation, contrast it with what you need to achieve your goals, and help you develop strategies to reach those goals. Learn more about our Certified Financial Planner™ service.

Organizations that offer retirement plans are required to undergo several types of compliance testing at least once a year. Our retirement plan recordkeeping delivers not only knowledgeable and responsive service to plan sponsors and participants, but also the convenience of handling compliance testing for our clients as well. By having AGH handle compliance, organizations ensure that critical requirements are taken care of by individuals already familiar with your organization and plan, thus reducing the staff time and resources required from your company. See how your organization can benefit from our compliance testing service.

Increasing Department of Labor emphasis on enforcement has led to more DOL audits for all organizations, which can result in significant penalties for noncompliance. Sponsors of plans of a certain size are required to have their plan audited annually by a CPA firm or risk disqualification of the plan and its tax-exempt status. AGH’s employee benefit plan audit practice is supplemented by the expertise of AGH’s sizable retirement plan recordkeeping practice. If questions related to DOL and ERISA regulations arise, our recordkeeping group is literally “down the hall” from our audit team. Learn more about our employee benefit plan audit service.

An employer who provides high-quality, ongoing and employee-focused retirement plan education can significantly decrease confusion about retirement plans and increase employee participation – saving time and money for the employer (plan sponsor). Our employee education programs are customized for the employer's goals and can be designed around the employer's workforce characteristics. Our educators schedule periodic on-site visits to meet with employees one-on-one or in group settings, based on employee needs. Learn more about the benefits our employee education service can provide for your organization.

In a plan review, AGH employee-benefits consultants analyze plan documents, investment costs and performance to determine the true costs of a retirement plan and its relative performance to industry benchmarks – both for the plan sponsor and the participants. If, after review, the plan's costs, structure or performance are not aligned with the organization's needs and fiduciary responsibility, we can design a retirement plan around meeting those goals. Learn more about our retirement plan benchmarking/plan design service.

Retirement plan recordkeeping requires a customer-oriented staff, a high degree of technological sophistication to deliver rapid and accurate responses to changes in fund elections, and a thorough understanding of ERISA, IRS, Department of Labor and security regulations. Learn more about the benefits our retirement plan recordkeeping service can provide for your organization.

Our retirement plan advisors handle almost all aspects of the Form 5500, from extracting relevant plan data to preparation of a signature-ready document for your review before we submit it through EFAST2. As with compliance testing, having your recordkeeper prepare the Form 5500 ensures that individuals with deep knowledge of your specific plan – and of ERISA, DOL and IRS regulations – are handling the completion, as well as delivering an accurate and timely filing. Learn more about our 5500 filing service.

Organizational development services Organizational development services

Aligning people and processes for success

We help identify and implement improvement opportunities

The term "organizational development" may have different meanings to different people. At AGH, our team of organizational development consultants defines it as identifying and implementing the people and process improvement opportunities that will better position an organization for long-term success. They also understand that family businesses bring their own unique circumstances that influence success.

AGH consultants will meet with leadership to help determine the organization's governance needs, as well as assess the current board structure and function. Once assessed, our consultants can identify needed skillsets or expertise and then locate and screen potential candidates. We can also provide board training seminars/workshops and other assessment services customized to serve shareholders or not-for-profit stakeholders. Learn more about our board assessment, training and development service.

Career planning/pathing is a specialized form of coaching for high-potential employees or current leaders as a way of helping them become more successful in their careers. It may be used in a variety of circumstances, but career planning/pathing is often appropriate when an organization's leadership is evaluating and grooming a next generation of either family or non-family employees to take on additional responsibility. See how our career planning/pathing service can help your organization.

In conflict management, often the two (or more) parties at odds have become so emotionally invested in their position or belief that they’re unable to view the issues objectively. This conflict can spread to infect an entire department, division or company, derailing productivity and profitability along the way. Conflict management begins with a neutral, objective party simply listening to all points of view, and gathering information about the root of the conflict and how it grew over time. See how our conflict management service can help reduce and manage conflict and improve organizational performance.

AGH’s coaches facilitate coaching meetings tailored to a coaching plan developed by the individual. Complementing organizational needs and objectives, the focus is on developing the individual in key areas that translate into becoming an overall better employee and leader. This approach allows the individual to become better at identifying areas for self-improvement as they arise and developing solutions to the challenges they face. See how our leadership coaching service can help your employees.

Recognizing the powerful mix that family, business and ownership creates, AGH consultants recommend creating a forum outside of the business to discuss and address the wide range of issues families experience when in business together. AGH family business consultants approach this by first gaining an understanding of the family business through information gathering and interviews of family members. This provides the foundation for an initial family meeting where AGH consultants help the family identify key issues and create next steps, including a plan for regular future family councils. Learn more about our family retreats and councils service.

Structure follows strategy. Leaders know that they must find ways to translate their organization's long-term strategy into effective organizational structures, processes and policies. AGH's consultants have supported leaders in a wide variety of industries to assess their organizational and cultural strengths and weaknesses, and to help them prepare them for the future. Clarifying organizational relationships and positional roles and responsibilities help drive the performance and accountability required for significant change. Learn more about our organizational assessment and development service.

Through the Professional Development Program, AGH helps organizations intentionally reinvigorate and refocus the great leaders they already have, by providing the feedback and supporting tools that help identify young talent and begin their development. AGH’s one-year Professional Development Program includes 12 monthly sessions with a class up to 10 participants. The program combines education, discussion and assessments that will help participants better understand themselves, how they are viewed by others, and how to better manage themselves and others. See how our professional development service can improve your employees' skills.

How do you keep strategic planning pertinent, timely, and actionable? At AGH, our approach integrates employee and key personnel input, a facilitated examination of current versus desired status, and development of a unique strategy and plan to close the gap. AGH's three-phase process will set a foundation for future decision-making, tactical plans and day-to-day activities. Learn more about our strategic plan facilitation process.

Compensation services Compensation services

Compensation is more than a paycheck

The right compensation package can recruit and retain the best talent

Compensation goes far beyond the number on an employee's paycheck. Our advisors can help organizations evaluate internal/external equity and labor market conditions, develop appropriate compensation structures, and design deferred compensation and incentive plans that more effectively link performance and pay.

As the labor market, employee expectations, your business model, and numerous other factors change over time, your organization's compensation structure should reflect those changes. Employees pay attention to the behaviors and outcomes for which they are rewarded – so if your compensation structure isn't appropriate, your employees' behaviors may not be focused in the right direction. Learn more about our compensation structure review and development service.

Our advisors can help you develop and implement a deferred compensation plan that complies with ERISA, DOL and IRS regulatory requirements as well as recognize the limitations and qualifications such plans may have. See how our deferred compensation plan service can help recruit and retain talented employees with tax-beneficial compensation.

Incentive plans, like deferred compensation, must be designed to align with the organization's goals and to create the desired employee behavior that will contribute to reaching those goals. We can work with you to avoid common errors while designing, implementing and communicating incentive plans based on the desired short-term or long-term outcomes. Learn more about our incentive plans service.

As organizations evolve and grow over time, sometimes the wage and benefits don't evolve and grow as well – which can result in compensation that's out of alignment. A wage and salary survey is a comprehensive examination in which our advisor reviews a detailed profile of each position and makes a comparison to similar positions locally, nationally and within industry sectors. See how our wage and benefit analysis service can help your organization.

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These are common comments we hear from employers – and they are exactly why AGH Employer Solutions was created: to help employers address and solve the complex and varying issues related to employing a workforce.

AGH Employer Solutions is a division of Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C., one of the largest CPA and advisory firms in the central US. AGH Employer Solutions integrates expertise from payroll, timekeeping, human resource consulting, outsourced workforce services, retirement plan and group benefit services and organizational development.

Our advisors and consultants' credentials include certified HR professional, certified public accountant (CPA), certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, certified payroll professional, certified change leader, certified coach with family business partners, qualified pension analyst, certified pension consultant and qualified 401(k) administrator.

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